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Work on real-world projects just like you would if you were a UX designer at a top tech company. Gain access to mentorship and have your skills validated by industry professionals with a verified hirability score. Stand out to employers by showcasing a portfolio with work that top professionals have vetted.

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Moonchild: Online Film Festival

Moonchild allows you to experience an indie film festival from your own home.


Delirium: Multiplayer Live Streaming

Delirium is a live streaming platform that allows gamers to post and view multiple streams on a single channel.

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Comicable: Commission Your Own Comic

Comicable allows you to commission your own comics.

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Success stories from the field

Daman avatar
UX Designer

In the very beginning, my design lead and mentor helped me identify my strong points as well as where I could use some work. The experience I gained from Onfielder was invaluable. Onfielder allowed me to fill the gaps in my design knowledge as well as prepared me to land a full-time design role less than a month after the end of the program.

Kasey avatar
Product Manager

Working on the assignments and having dedicated 1-on-1 sessions with my mentor really helped me in grasping core PM concepts and developing competencies in strategic thinking and leadership. Thanks to Onfielder and through perseverance, hard work, and drive, I was able to kick off my dream career in product management.


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Learn how to get a job in UX without a design background

UX and UI designers are some of the most in-demand tech jobs out there - but getting into the UX industry isn’t easy. The demand for jobs is high - and the supply of interested beginners is even higher. The job market is full of university students, bootcamp graduates, self-taught designers, and freelancers. Standing out to get the job is harder now than ever. If you’ve been hunting for advice on what to do to get results and overwhelmed with all the information out there, then this quick start guide is for you.


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