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Balto: On-Demand Vet Help

Balto lets pet owners talk to a vet on-demand. Next time Buddy eats something he shouldn't in the middle of the night, just video chat with a Balto vet!

barbell Advanced difficulty
devices Android, iOS

About the project


Balto is an on-demand vet consultation app. Instead of searching online for questionable answers or trying to reach your veterinarian in the middle of the night, you can use Balto to have a video consultation with an available Balto vet.

As a UX/UI designer, you will design a friendly experience for pet owners who want the best for their furry little friend. You will create the ability for pet owners to find answers when they need them, helping them alleviate their concerns and take the right actions.


Balto makes pet care easier for pet owners by providing on-demand access. Designing on-demand correctly is a challenge. Ensuring that each portion of the app captures the right emotional components. Entering data can be boring, but it's essential to making sure vets get the right information. Users can be frightened for their beloved pets when something happens and want to be able to get a consultation quickly. A product design that incorporates the challenges of an on-demand service fluidly will define what makes a great experience.


You'll be given a requirements packet and an example of successful design just like if you were working as a designer in a top tech company. From there, you'll hone your design skills by solving the product and user problems. When you have a final design, you can add to it to your portfolio.

Access project requirements
Learn from example
Complete your design
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What you’ll work on

You'll be tasked with designing the major flows for Balto's core features at medium and high fidelities. You will need to optimize your designs for a native iOS or Android app.

Your designs should convey a brand identity that is friendly, accessible, and calming. This project gives you the opportunity to work on an interaction-rich video chat interface like FaceTime or Facebook Messenger. Utilize your strong UX and UI skills to guide worried pet owners through a tough situation.

This project will require advanced UX/UI skills. You should be able to demonstrate a mastery of interaction design and UI design, as well as solid product and design thinking.

UX/UI Design
Android design
iOS design
Medical/vet tech

What You'll Get


Work on a real-world project

Work on a real-world project just like you would if you were a UX designer at a top tech company.


Put experience on your portfolio

Showcase your work on your portfolio. Context, user problems, and value are already laid out for you.


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You'll get expert guidance along the way to help you complete your project and improve your skills.


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