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MoodRing: Your Mental Support Network

MoodRing is social support network of your friends and family to help you feel less alone when you’re down.

barbell Intermediate difficulty
devices Android, iOS

About the project


MoodRing is social support network to help you feel less alone when you’re down. MoodRing lets you create a support ring of trusted friends and family. You can publish your mood to your support ring and get the encouragement and support to help you through your rough patches.

As a UX/UI designer, you'll design a supportive experience that encourages users to create a support ring, publish their mood, and get support. Mental health is a sensitive issue - and you'll need to bring your best design chops to the table to craft an experience that appropriately handles delicate emotional situations.


Depression hits 16.2 million Americans per year. Research shows that having a strong support network of friends and loved ones can make a huge difference in the recovery rates of depressed individuals. However, handling the sensitive state of a depressed person can be very complicated. Creating the right balance between giving the individual their own space and intervening during a downward spiral is extremely difficult. Designing the right actions and educating ring members will be key to helping people manage their depression.


You'll be given a requirements packet and an example of successful design just like if you were working as a designer in a top tech company. From there, you'll hone your design skills by solving the product and user problems. When you have a final design, you can add to it to your portfolio.

Access project requirements
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What you’ll work on

You'll be tasked with designing the major flows for MoodRing's core features at medium and high fidelities. You will need to optimize your designs for iOS and Android.

Your designs should convey a brand identity that is supportive, nurturing, and helpful. Users should feel comforted by the design, and feel respected throughout their experience in the app. This is an opportunity to design an innovative solution in health tech while using your design skills to instill a soft emotional response like Calm and enabling interactive publishing like Twitter.

This project will require intermediate UX/UI skills. You should be able to demonstrate a mastery of basic interactions, user flows, and modern UI patterns.

UX/UI Design
Android design
iOS design
Mental health tech

What You'll Get


Work on a real-world project

Work on a real-world project just like you would if you were a UX designer at a top tech company.


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Showcase your work on your portfolio. Context, user problems, and value are already laid out for you.


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