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Moonchild: Online Film Festival

Moonchild allows you to experience an indie film festival from your own home.

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About the project


Moonchild allows you to experience an indie film festival from your own home. Moonchild provides access to unique films that bring together the vibrant community nature of a physical film festival with the flexibility and accessibility of online streaming. All Moonchild festivals are live, online, and exclusively indie.

As a UX/UI designer, you'll design an amazing festival viewing experience for indie film lovers. You'll focus on how to bring a smooth, exciting, and highly accessible experience to online movie viewers. You'll explore how to give users the ability to engage with their favorite films through a whole new format.


Moonchild is an online festival with an entirely digital experience. Physical film festivals are exciting events with anticipation and community. In order to bring the physical elements to the digital world, the design will need to incorporate festival elements while retaining the effortless comfort of an at-home streaming service.


You'll be given a requirements packet and an example of successful design just like if you were working as a designer in a top tech company. From there, you'll hone your design skills by solving the product and user problems. When you have a final design, you can add to it to your portfolio.

Access project requirements
Learn from example
Complete your design
Add experience to your portfolio

What you’ll work on

You'll be tasked with designing the major flows for Moonchild's core features at medium and high fidelities. You will need to optimize your design for responsive web.

Your designs should convey a brand identity that is special, indie, and exciting, and able to convert visitors into film festival attendees. This is an opportunity to work on an exciting multimedia streaming experience like Hulu, Disney+, and Netflix.

This project will need beginner UX/UI skills. You will need to understand the very basics of UX and UI design, and be able to mimic common patterns.

UX/UI Design
Responsive design
Desktop web
Rich multimedia

What You'll Get


Work on a real-world project

Work on a real-world project just like you would if you were a UX designer at a top tech company.


Put experience on your portfolio

Showcase your work on your portfolio. Context, user problems, and value are already laid out for you.


Get design mentorship Pro

You'll get expert guidance along the way to help you complete your project and improve your skills.


Show professional validation Pro

Add a verified hirability score to your portfolio. Stand out with work that top professionals have vetted.

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