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Moonchild: Online Film Festival

Moonchild allows you to experience an indie film festival from your own home.

barbell Beginner difficulty
calendar 30 days to complete
devices Responsive web

7-day money-back guarantee

About the project


Moonchild allows you to experience an indie film festival from your own home. Moonchild provides access to unique films that bring together the vibrant community nature of a physical film festival with the flexibility and accessibility of online streaming. All Moonchild festivals are live, online, and exclusively indie.

As a UX/UI designer, you'll design an amazing festival viewing experience for indie film lovers. You'll focus on how to bring a smooth, exciting, and highly accessible experience to online movie viewers. You'll explore how to give users the ability to engage with their favorite films through a whole new format.


Moonchild is an online festival with an entirely digital experience. Physical film festivals are exciting events with anticipation and community. In order to bring the physical elements to the digital world, the design will need to incorporate festival elements while retaining the effortless comfort of an at-home streaming service.


We'll send you the detailed requirements and context when you start work on the project. You'll have 30 days from your start date to submit your work. You're welcome to submit at any time before your final due date.

Once you submit a design, a panel of 2-3 industry design experts will rate your work based on beginner hiring standards. You'll recieve detailed design feedback to help you improve and your hirability score and project work can be displayed on your portfolio. Learn more about how projects and scoring work.

Design for real-world challenges in a project of your choice
Get access to a design mentor and resources
Get your hirability score and feedback from professional designers

What you’ll work on

You'll be tasked with designing the major flows for Moonchild's core features at medium and high fidelities. You will need to optimize your design for responsive web.

Your designs should convey a brand identity that is special, indie, and exciting, and able to convert visitors into film festival attendees. This is an opportunity to work on an exciting multimedia streaming experience like Hulu, Disney+, and Netflix.

This project will need beginner UX/UI skills. You will need to understand the very basics of UX and UI design, and be able to mimic common patterns.

UX/UI Design
Responsive design
Desktop web
Rich multimedia

What you’ll get

You'll receive a package of detailed requirements for the project, including any relevant context and constraints.

Once you submit your design, you'll receive an assessment from a panel of 2-3 professional designers. The assessment includes a hirability score and a compiled critique from your assigned expert panel to help you improve. The assessment panel is choosen by Onfielder and is vetted for strong operating experience and previous hiring participation at tech companies.

You will be assigned a design mentor who will guide you through the process, shepherd the review, and help you interpret your assessment package, as well as provide suggestions and career advice.

Hirability score
2-3 professional designers will review your UX, UI, and product work. They'll give you a hirability score, the average of how likely each designer would hire you.
Compiled critique
The panel of professionals will record the critique that helped them form their scoring decision. You will be able to read a compilation of their feedback.
Design mentor
You will be assigned a design mentor who will help assess whether your designs are ready for submission, and help interpret your panel feedback.

Requirements, artifacts, and expectations


An Onfielder hirability score is an assessment of true industry excellence. By default, the hirability score is scaled for entry-level designers: we do not expect submissions to be the quality of an industry expert designer.

Our expert panel will assess you as if you were interviewing at their organizations for an entry-level position: so think of this presentation as a case study that you might include in your portfolio.


Once you start a project, you'll receive a packet of product requirements, context, and expected design deliverables.

The main deliverable is a presentation deck that you will use to summarize your process, thinking, designs, and outcomes. This presentation should communicate everything your expert panel needs to know to give you an accurate hirability score. You can link to more details or other design artifacts within your presentation.


Your expert panel will be looking for a demonstration of strong design thinking, UX design, UI design, and product thinking using the Design Standards in their assessments.

Design process
The ability to demonstrate design thinking and to explore many ideas and narrow down to one solution
UX design
The ability to demonstrate user-centered design, information architecture, wireframing, and interaction design
UI design
The ability to demonstrate use of color, space, consistency, typography, and visual hierarchy
Product thinking
The ability to demonstrate and articulate how design and design decisions relate to the product or business
Moonchild: Online Film Festival Hirability score and critique by professional designers