How It Works


Prove projects are specifically designed to help you improve your job search, acquire design experience, and increase your hirability.

We offer a variety of different projects to help you find one that fits your interests and experience needs. Each project is created by expert product managers and UX/UI designers to give you experience in various areas like web and mobile design.

Once you start on a project, you'll need to submit a design before the project deadline. You'll receive feedback, critique, and hirability scoring from design professionals on your work. You can display your design work, feedback, and score on your portfolio, resume, or LinkedIn.

Designs are reviewed by a panel of verified professionals have been involved in the hiring process for designers in their organizations or companies.

Design for a project and submit your work
Professionals review your design and give you a hirability score
Work on as many projects as you want

Hirability Score


Once you submit a design, a panel of 2-3 industry design professionals will rate your work. Based on the quality of the design work and design process, the industry panel will also score your hirability.

This hirability score describes the degree to which you are considered capable of solving design problems in a professional setting. A packet of feedback and critique will also be provided to you to help you improve your designs.


For a new designer, experience and referrals or references are the ultimate ways to stand out and get hired. Your hirability score is a way to verify to employers that you're job-ready with the backing of top designers. It's like having a few professional references on your portfolio.

You can display your hirability score on your resume, LinkedIn, or portfolio to show how professional designers view your work.

Scoring Criteria

Your hirability score describes the degree to which you are considered capable of solving design problems in a professional setting. Each reviewer will score you based on 4 main criteria: your design process, the UX design, the UI design, and your demonstration of product thinking.

For a full description of how the hirability score is calculated, please review our Design Standards.

Design process
The ability to demonstrate design thinking and to explore many ideas and narrow down to one solution
UX design
The ability to demonstrate a grasp of user-centered design, information architecture, wireframing, and interaction design
UI design
The ability to demonstrate use of color, space, consistency, typography, and visual hierarchy
Product thinking
The ability demonstrate how design relates to the product or business, and can effectively articulate your design decisions

Choosing a Project

Every project has different requirements, from the type of design needed (such as mobile or web) to the scope of design (a UI refresh or an end-to-end design).

Look at your design portfolio and think about what you need most in terms of experience. Read each project's brief to determine what would help you stand out the most to the jobs you would apply to. Alternatively, think about what's missing in your portfolio - maybe you have a lot of UX work, but not a lot of UI work. You can fill in the gaps of your portfolio by working on Prove projects.

Responsive web design
Native iOS design
Native Android design
Desktop web design
End-to-end product design


Can Onfielder verify my hirability score?

Yes. We'll verify your score to any employers.

If I do another project, how will my score be updated?

Hirability scores are done on a per project basis. The score of one project will not affect the score of another project. This score is not a GPA - we know that a practitioner designer's skills can increase in a very short amount of time. We won't drag down your average by lumping a lower score with a higher score.

How many scores can I get?

You can do as many projects as you want, and receive scores for each project. We recommend you only do projects that will truly help your portfolio and resume. Projects are scored and reviewed very stringently by our design experts - they require thought and time, so we recommend you complete one project at a time.

Can I display my design work on my portfolio or other public site?

Yes. You can add any design work you do as part of a Prove project to your portfolio.

What is your refund policy?

We offer a 7-day money-back guarantee on all Prove projects. If for any reason, you are unsatisifed with your project within 7 days of your purchase, we will give you a full refund.