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Learn how to get a job in UX without a design background

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We're here to help you advance in your UX career. We're focused on reducing barriers to UX so that more people can have careers they love. Our goal is to create economic adaptability so that anyone can start a new career no matter where they are in life.

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Our favorite tools for creating designs, both individually and within teams.


Collaborative interface design

Great for building designs in teams and handing off to engineering

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Digital design toolkit

Great desktop app for creating designs

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Host and share designs

Great for sharing designs and making them interactive

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Responsive web design tool

Create responsive websites using a design interface

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UX Starter Pack ✌️

Learn how to get a job in UX without a design background

UX and UI designers are some of the most in-demand tech jobs out there - but getting into the UX industry isn’t easy. The demand for jobs is high - and the supply of interested beginners is even higher. The job market is full of university students, bootcamp graduates, self-taught designers, and freelancers. Standing out to get the job is harder now than ever. If you’ve been hunting for advice on what to do to get results and overwhelmed with all the information out there, then this quick start guide is for you.


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Comprehensive guide to landing your first UX job

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